「羅麥記」- 以香港地六七十件代的冰室做主題。


Law Mark Kee — a '70s-themed restaurant that offers nostalgia on the menu.

Nostalgia derives from the Greek words “νόστος (nóstos)” and “áλγος (álgos)”, which refer to a yearning to return home.

Home, to Law and Mark, is the Hong Kong in the 1970s, a place and time that many Hongkongers likewise cannot seem to forget.

Customers who enter Law Mark Kee will find themselves surrounded by what the latter experienced when growing up: vinyl records, black and white television sets, and old magazines, among many other things from the 1970s. And the people too. Customers will be served by waiters wearing school uniforms, who hand out menus as if they are handing in their homework.

Lastly, the menu. Not only do we remake comfort food items from the past, we also add a new twist in the spirit of fusion. Try our unique and popular red bean ice tea!

The world may be getting more high tech every day, but that doesn't mean people aren't nostalgic for the good old days.



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