Shanghaiteng 1930 is inspired by the colorful golden age of Shanghai.

In the 1930s, Shanghai entered its most prosperous era. The wealth created a building boom of unprecedented proportions. The result was more skyscrapers than in any other place outside of North America, with the city’s skyline festooned with such streamlined masterpieces as the Paramount Ballroom, the Grand Theater, and Sir Victor Sassoon’s Cathay Hotel.

Design is perhaps one of the first things that draw the attention of Shanghaiteng 1930’s customers. We have recreated, for our customers, the “Paris of the Orient” — which is what Shanghai was known during the 1920s and 1930s. Oil lamps and antique sewing machines adorn the bookshelves, and a 1:1 cycle rickshaw sits by the entrance — just need perhaps an Eileen Chang and the old Shanghai is back!

A vibe is all retro but food is prepared only with the freshest ingredients. In this environment, our customers can enjoy the best Shanghai’s dishes, such as sweet and sour pocks and house wine chicken.



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